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Testguru is an online platform for preparation of all kinds of Entry Test in Pakistan like MDCAT, ECAT, NUST, NUMS, FAST, GIKI, PIEAS and many other universities entrance tests.

As you enter into the world of tests preparations with Testguru, we assure you simplicity, user friendliness and depth of knowledge that you would have never experienced before.

Easy to understand study materials, practice tests, mock tests, fully solved questions with detailed step by step solutions, smart hints on mouse-over energies your brain and boost your confidence. Every test program designed by us meets the standards that we have set in terms of ease and excellence.

Our innovative programs incorporate the most updated contents and are brought to you, using our proprietary technology- Seamless Accelerated Learning Technology( SALT) that aids in the preparation for objective type examination, leading you to grand success. While using our test preparation programs, you will be delighted by the awesome experiences- form instant knowledge on a mouse-o ever to simulated test labs- we really have thought about every little thing that will exhilarate you and turn you into a success hero.

Instant knowledge
You get all definitions, explanations, key formulae, facts and figures - relevant and accurate on the roll of a mouse-over or click of a button. The knowledge and information is instant, saving you from all the botheration, loss of time and irritating and frustrating sifting through pile of books and study notes or millions of web pages thrown open by the search pages.

Higher degree of retention
Our programs provide you a much higher retention ratio as compared to any other program. Researchers have observed that learning by practice doing provides on an average retention up to 75% whereas classroom lecture provides retention up to 5% only.

Performance Improvement
A continuous system of performance evaluation provides you an opportunity at every step to learn and improve. Successive revision lists which are intelligently generated by our system provide you an opportunity to re-attempt those questions again and again and improve upon your problem solving skills and knowledge base.

Our Simulated Test Labs provide you with the right orientation to appear in the real test. For those of you appearing for online tests, you would know how your dashboard would look like and you can familiarize yourself with the dashboard and accordingly hone up your reflexes.